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What can you expect in the Discovery Meeting?

This is a fast-paced 30 min Session to review your project.
Please read our FAQ below:

Why should you get a Discovery Meeting with me?

Well, we know our working style and set of skills are not a good fit for every single project. Our Discovery Meeting is the most important step we take before deciding to engage in any project. This is a 30-min session to take a look at your project, your expectations and working style.

Why are you charging for discovery?

Our most valuable asset is our time. And with number of requests I receive, it’s difficult to serve everyone. This tiny fee help me separating the curious from the serious.

Do you work only with companies outside the USA?

Yes, in all my services with the exception of copywriting. For Web Design, SEO and strategy, I serve customers across the globe. Our copywriting services is only for companies in the US, no individuals. We can clarify in our Discovery meeting.

Are there any deliverable included in this Meeting?

No deliverable is included in this meeting. This is a 30-min meeting with me for a project discovery. We will be looking at your project and providing our feedback which by itself, should be very valuable for your project. See the reviews for feedback from previous clients.

Why should I do my digital marketing with you when there are many other companies out there?

Fair question, there are many options out there. But as you probably have experienced, it's very difficult to find a reliable talent to produce the best results. Most of them will be trying to sell you their services without even considering if they are a good fit for your project in the first place.

Where can I see some samples of your work?

Feel free to visit my portfolio page in Behance
I can provide more samples of my work during our Discovery Meeting.

How much do you charge?

I have a small team, our bandwidth is limited, so our pricing is in the case by case basis. We consider our pricing is standard for an US-based marketing agency.

How can I prepare for my discovery meeting?

If you can put few ideas together about your marketing strategy it's more than enough. Even sharing with me the same materials you use to describe your products and services is good. Bring any market research, previous sales reports, pricing analysis, target audience, or any other relevant information help us understand the big picture. If you are just starting, we can review your strategy.

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